Reducing the Vulnerability of Kobani Children and Adolescents in Suruç

After Kobani crisis the International Middle East Peace Research Center “IMPR Humanitarian” has been supporting displaced people through different activities. One of these projects is the one that is conducted in Suruç district of Şanlıurfa. This is a Child Protection project that mainly focuses on the reduction of the vulnerability of Kobani children and adolescents in Suruç. Child Friendly Spaces …

Devamını Okuyun

Situation of Syrian Refugees in Kızıltepe

Turkey has over 1.200 thousand Syrian refugees since the war erupted in 2011. By now, there are near 1 million Syrians living outside the camps, mostly in the border cities and cities where there are camps. That being so, there is a larger group of people staying outside the camps with their own capabilities or depending on the support from …

Devamını Okuyun