Rising Awareness Studies

Conference on Work Permits for Foreigners Under Temporary Protection in Turkey

The regulation of the work permits of foreigners under temporary protection in Turkey has been one of the most important issues which received attention from both national and international communities. A new era began in Turkey with the issuance of “Regulation on Work Permits of Foreigners under Temporary Protection” which was published in the Official Gazette (No. 2016/8375) on 15 …

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IMPR Humanitarian attends Supporting Syria & the Region Conference, London 2016

london-syria conference

More than 70 heads of state, the UN Secretary General, heads of international organizations, NGOs and private sector representatives gathered for Supporting Syria & the Region Conference in London this week for a key conference to pledge their support for the growing aid needs of the Syrian people. The Supporting Syria & the Region Conference , which IMPR Humanitarian also represented, …

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Antonio López-Istúriz: Local NGOs play a critical role to meet the needs of refugees and implementing field works

EU Meeting

Interview with the Secretary-General of the European People’s Party, Antonio López-Istúriz White about the humanitarian crisis, role of national NGOs and policy of EU.   IMPR: First of all, thank you for having time for us. How would EU and European Parliament play a role in the current and possible humanitarian crisis from you and your group’s point of view?   …

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IMPR Attended to the Conference: Future of Syrian Refugees and Migration’s Effects on Turkey


On 2nd December 2015, a conference have been organized entitled “Impacts of Syrian Refugees on Turkey” by ORSAM, PODEM and Saferworld. IMPR Center and IMPR Humanitarian high level representatives have attended to the conference, which brought together the International and National NGOs’ representatives. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Veysel Ayhan, who take the floor at the beginning of the conference, emphasized the importance …

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IMPR Humanitarian Urfa Community Center Hosts UN High Level Members of Humanitarian Financing


IMPR Humanitarian hosted the UN High Level Members of Humanitarian Financing, who came to analyze the problems faced at the field and report these issues to UN General Secretary, at Urfa Community Center. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Veysel Ayhan, President of IMPR Humanitarian, expressed his greetings to the members of delegation for their participation to the meeting realized in Urfa Community …

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IMPR & CSGB Panel Meeting: “Working Conditions of Syrians and Turkey’s Policies & Strategies”

IMPR Center and IMPR Humanitarian have realized a High Level Panel meeting at the conference room of Ministry of Labor and Social Security with the attendance of INGOs working on the humanitarian field, funder organizations and representatives of Ministry of Labor and Social Security on 19th November 2015. The meeting,which was conducted with the representatives of INGOs working both as funder and …

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Raising Awareness: Antenatal Care

In line with IMPR Humanitarian Community Center’s goals, raising refugee community’s awareness about different topics is essential in our work. Relying on the fact that health promotion results in better health in a community, based on the reproductive health needs for women CC has conducted a raising awareness session about safe motherhood,  e.g. Antenatal Care to encourage positive health behaviors and …

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