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Opening Ceremonies of IMPR Humanitarian’s Community Initiative Projects

IMPR Humanitarian has been implemented community initiative projects to integrate between local communities and Syrians in Turkey since 2013. In this context IMPR has already implemented 10 different community initiative projects in Şanlıurfa and its districts.

Community Initiative Project is aim to create social value and leave visible influence on the communities by carrying out the projects. Giving more details, CIP includes going more for strategy against tension among different communities. In short, CIP is a triangle form that is consisting these values. CIP is a fast-acting, short-term projects that have to leave permanent effects in/on societies. There are some reasons to destabilize the line of the relations among the communities. The reasons; for example not knowing each other, prejudice and misconception about the “others” are forming main split in the society. In addition to this, these factors have caused social unrest in the field in terms of both/all sides. This is why CIP has adopted the serious challenges to counter existing and potential tension. It should imply measures to address the conditions conducive to the spread of unrest and climbing of tension.

IMPR Humanitarian also has finished implementing of 3 different CIPs during 2015. In this context IMPR Humanitarian provided defibrillator to Suruç Hospital on April 2015. During September 2015, IMPR Humanitarian established Conference Hall in Akçakale and provided assistance of sports equipment and stationery to Şanlıurfa Yenice School.

IMPR Humanitarian provides assistance to students

Within scope of Urfa Community Center’s Community Initiative Projects, IMPR Humanitarian provided assistance of sports equipment and stationery to Şanlıurfa Yenice School which provide education to local students and Syrian children as well. Amenity space of school were revived.

During the opening ceremony, Hasan Bilici, Provincial Deputy Director of Family and Social Affairs, said that “humans have suffered from many cruelties throughout history and history has recorded these cruelties.”

Hasan Bilici as a Provincial Deputy Director of The Ministry of Family and Social Affairs informed that the history has witnessed torments among people and it records these kinds of bad events in the ceremony for opening social area of the Yenice School. He specified that someone who has made effort in order for peaceful coexistence will pride oneself. On the other hand someone will plumb the depth because of lack of effort to cure the problem. This project implemented by IMPR Humanitarian is forming proud humanitarian works in the field one day when we look back.

Ümit Algan as a Manager of Urfa Community Center under IMPR Humanitarian drew attention to inadequacy on humanitarian aid to Syrians.

Ümit Algan informed that Turkey provides huge humanitarian aid to the refugees. Turkey’s humanitarian assistance during emergency respons are lead by state and public. He expressed that there is no equivalent example that provide such humanitarian assistance like Turkey.

After delivering school and sports materials Syrian students demonstrated.


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