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IMPR Humanitarian Akçakale Assesment Report

IMPR Humanitarian Akçakale Assesment
Akçakale Assesment Report [PDF]
This assessment was carried out in Akcakale from 06/12/2015 to 06/17/2015, 1200 individuals were displaced from Tel el-Abyeed, now are settled in Akcakale participated in this assessment and kindely shared their ideas, opinions and thoughts with IMPR Humanitarian team, to this we are thankful for sharing their ideas and information with us and putting their trust in us.

The results of this assessment were conducted through interviews, home visits and need assessment forms. The efforts made by IMPR Humanitarian protection team were a key element in acquiring and collecting high quality data and reaching all the displaced persons in Akcakale, males, females, children and elderly.

IMPR Humanitarian Akçakale Assesment Report, 22.6.2015


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