The World Refugee Day

The phenonemei of migration is a ongoing reality on the world. In this concept, refugee status is forming an ordinary and potential judicial discourse. Therefore, IMPR (International Middle East Peace Resource Center) is planing to celebrate 20th of May of Refugee day in order to develop a common sense among the host community how Syrian refugees  get over the difficulties  within their daily life.  IMPR Urfa Community Center arranged some activities that can raise the awareness in the host community. IMPR organized range of activities like the distribution of brochures to photography exhibition, theatre or music concert.

The activities gave the communities messages in the way of preventing and removing prejudice and misconception that both of communities have shared. In addition to this, another type of activities were organized in order to explain to the host community the importance of social adaptation of refugee to the society. Then, visual and verbal acvtivities have contributed cultural interaction.

Giving the more details, Urfa Community Center’s brochures were distrubuted and photographies were exhibited in the same time from 05.00 p.m to 06.30 p.m. Afterwords, Syrian artists took the stage. Theatre was realized by theatre club in the community center has improved the empathy, for the host community. We reached 2000 people through these activities. These activities have positive impact on declining of seperation, contradiction and conflict among/between different communities.

IMPR Humanitarian is aim to create social value and leave visible influence on the communities by arranging the activities

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