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IMPR Center Women’s Community Center Evaluation Report

IMPR Humanitarian has launched Women’s Community Center (WCC) in Şanlıurfa On the International Women Day, 8th of March, 2015.  WCC in Şanlıurfa is still continuing its operations since March 2015, in conducting the aforementioned 10 different branch activities together with the support of UNFPA.

WCC, which is the only women’s community center located in Şanlıurfa city center providing services for refugee women, is open 6 days a week and offers services specifically to women and children.  On regular basis, beneficiary satisfaction level has been analyzed and relevant adaptation for the activities has been realized. The aim of this paper is to show the functionality of the WCC together with the current practice of the beneficiary feedback. Beneficiary feedback approach provides participation of them in program design according to their needs on the field. Moreover, it gives more systematic mechanism to improve process and make the implementation and dissemination in participatory methods. Within this context, IMPR brings the different understanding on the field by giving meaning to the beneficiary feedback approach as “participatory monitoring and evaluation”, “accountability” and “organization learning process.”  Combining all these different approaches, IMPR values the beneficiary feedback methods in order to serve better to the war trauma people.

IMPR Center: Women’s Community Center Evaluation Report

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