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IMPR Need Assessment Report; Ankara

This assessment was carried out in Ankara from 15.09.2015 to 15.10.2015.  The results of this assessment were conducted through vis-a-vis interviews, deeper interviews with half-structured questions process, home visits and need assessment forms. The efforts made by IMPR Humanitarian protection team were a key element in acquiring and collecting high quality data and reaching different social displaced persons and groups in Ankara, males, females, children and elderlies.

The purpose of this study is to fill this gap to a certain degree; that is, through exploring them, revealing their major problems. In this regard, especially, the demographic characteristics of refugees in Ankara and their level of using public services, how they respond their needs, role of NGOs and INGOs, access education, public life was studied by utilizing semi-structured in-depth interviews and other methods, such as participant observation. The ultimate aim is to come up with certain suggestions to minimize the problems of refugees and to contribute to a formation of a policy with respect to the refugee.

In field research, participant identities can be described such as: Syrian refugee, Iraqi refugee, Local Authority, NGO, community leaders, Different political groups and organizations representatives.

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Ankara Need Assessment Report

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