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Internship Programs

IMPR  provides internship programme to the undergraduate and postgraduate students and those concerned for both part-time and fulltime who interested in humanitarian assistance that has more importance day-by-day within the region.

IMPR  will provide the persons deserved taking place in both theorical and pratical stage in terms of building the capacity of the persons who have educated in the field of humanitarian studies by means of internship programme. Thus the programme is going to contribute the trainees with regard to increase knowledge, skill and exercise. Living expenses and travel allowance are met by applier or the institution that promote the application. Besides there is no payment for the trainees during the internship programme. In addition to these, there is no responsibility of IMPR Humanitarian in case of the emergency stuation such as illness, accident. The content and period of the programme could be changed by management of IMPR Humanitarian depending on the working schedules of the trainees. IMPR Humanitarian proposes short and long-time internship programme in this framework. The trainees who finish 20 workdays are given “Certificate of IMPR Internship Programme” according to success standards of IMPR Humanitarian.

Internship Programme which IMPR Humanitarian has began based on voluntariness, unpaid programme.

Prior Criterions for Acceptance

  • interest, if it is, experiment, and success level of the students. Combed version of transcript that shows grade point average should be sent to IMPR Humanitarian via e-mail ([email protected]).
  • Letter of intent and motivation. There should be dates when the trainees prefer in application letter.
  • At least, two referances
  • Knowledge of foreign language


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